Work From Home Moms

Work From Home Moms

Earn Rs 1000 per day doing just 10 minute of work!

Instant cash system!

Just read emails and earn in four figures!

well, all these may seem too real and lure you to try every one of them. Yes, I too did try all of these, but believe me most of these ads turned out to be some or other type of scam.

Work From Home

I wanted to become one of those Work From Home Moms who earns a lot of money sitting in the comfort of my home along with taking care of my child and looking after my home.

Things were not as green as they seem from outside. searching from one website to another, spending hour after hour trying to find one legitimate job took me almost six months. It was then that I came across

well, I succeeded in finding project providers and slowly learnt the nuances of article writing. After a long period of research I could come to a conclusion about many jobs that would suit Work From Home Moms.

Article Writing For Work From Home Moms

Time and again, I keep reiterating that article writing is one very good and easy job for Work From Home Moms. You could choose a number of sites such as,,, and so on.

actually there are more than a 100 website that help you in finding a job that would suit Work From Home Moms. I personally feel that would be one good place for beginners, primarily out of my experience. There are a number of restrictions such as limited number of bids available for free member, lesser importance given to bids placed by free members and so on in other websites which is not usually come across in

There are thousands of project providers who want to advertise their product online using articles via article submission in sites such as and for this they require articles in very large numbers. You can capitalize this opportunity if you follow a few basic steps of article writing.


As a beginner, Work From Home Moms would find it difficult to bid higher amounts, however, this would be your right period to learn the nuances of SEO, SEM, article submission, hyper linking, subheading distribution and so on.

If you are keen during this period your in-built talents can be easily honed and polished. Writing when done rightly has a lot of potential to take you to great heights.

How To Bid In Freelance Sites

Before you decide to shine as other Work From Home Moms your first step would be to prepare a good profile. Your profile is what is going to project you, hence it is very important to make sure that you make a really good yet true profile.

You can include a brief description of yourself and what your aspirations as a writer are. it is most advisable to write one sample article which show cases your talent in writing and also your ability to produce grammatically right and error free articles.

Specify how many articles you can produce per day,remember, this has to be realistic. You are setting a foundation for your career and if you want your career to reach great heights, you must make your profile as truly as possible (no Bluffing please).

As you learn things you can slowly raise your pay (there are a number of employers ready to pay high amounts for the right person). Actually you would be so successful that you might never again think of returning to an office again.

Earn Rs 1000 per day doing just 10 minute of work! may eventually turn out to be real.

However, one has to always remember that –Where There Is No Pain There Is No Gain.

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  1. Hi I am from Mumbai.I was working as an IT faculty now got kids and unable to continue the current work.kindly provide the details about this profile and procedure for applying as well.

  2. Myself Mahesh R. Dohare my wife deepti Mahesh Dohare want to do some job from home can you tell me how i can get jobs from ur company

  3. Hi Sheenz,
    Kindly go through the these two articles
    Create A Career With Content ? Why Content Writing Jobs Are Right For Homemakers
    Work From Home Job Providers in India ? Moms Search Here First

  4. Dear Menaka,

    I wanted to know if you can help me on how to place bids.what is the criteria as i found it very confusing.

  5. Hi,

    I have worked as a full time software engineer for 6 years. Now since I have a kid would like to work from home please help me to get a genuine job.


  6. Hi Sheenz,
    You could surely take up online jobs that are now available easily. Where are you from, give me your details, lets work towards getting a job for you…
    menaka bharathi

  7. Hello Menaka,
    I worked as software engineer for more than 3yrs but after birth of my daughter I?m not able to join my office back again.
    Can you guide me to get to some genuine opportunities so that I can work from my home and earn.

    Thank you…

  8. hi tabassum,
    I think if you are able to devote enough time for work from home jobs you would be able to earnwell, however as for the sales jobs, I think you can search for jobs like them which you can work from home. there are several options to work from home, if you find the right site to search you would surely be able to fare well.

  9. Hi,

    I’m a working mother with a baby girl of 6 months.currently i’m into ad sale with Star TV and have an experience of 3 yrs in the same industry(last 2 yrs wd star tv). i want to leave the job for my kid but m not able to do so b’coz of the obvious consquences. Would really want to know if it is possible for sales people to work from home and what kind of earnings will it get me.

  10. I’m the mother of two and I want to do something which can help me to keep me busy as well as earning sitting at home.Kindly guide me on some legitimate online source of income.
    Thanks and regards,
    Smita Borah

  11. Hi ,
    I worked as software Trainer for last 6 yrs but after birth of my second daughter I’m not able to join my office back again as I need to look after her ,but still I still I miss my office and my income too.
    Can you guide me so that I can work from my house and earn .
    Pinky Shah

  12. Dear Sushma,
    Many work from home jobs which do not require you to spend money on registration and things like that are reliable. I have worked for a number of people both in India and Abroad too. You could get these jobs if you go through, and
    just check for the job that best suits and you could go ahead.
    I shall write about its reliability as an article so that it would be helpful for others too, in a couple of days.

  13. Menaka ji…This is a new visitor sushma. I really do not hav any knowledge abt these work-from-home jobs. can u plz guide me. are these jobs reliable? plz explain me the clear procedure.

  14. Hi Meghala,
    many of us become depressed after child birth especially if you are working and then leave it because you want o be a good mom. I have gone through same situations. there are a lot of avenues nowadays to work from home. give me some details about your qualifications and your likes and dislikes we could proceed further.

  15. Hi,
    I am working as a software tester for seven year . But after having a child, not able to work but still i m working to help the family. Since missing the kid for the whole day, i became depressed and now thinking of take a “work from home ”
    option. It will be very help full if you people advice and guide me.



  16. hi pallavi,
    there are a number of forms of work form home opportunities available, you could choose the one that suits you the most.
    If you want to write, academic or otherwise, do try one of the websites explained in the article.

  17. thanks natasha,
    I am happy to learn that you have found a home based job. do share your job type and some details so that others who read may also find some good jobs.

  18. Hi
    I was very seriously searching for a home based job, and your ideas and advises helped me a lot to earn from home.
    thank you

  19. Hi Prerna,
    thanks a lot for your comment. Pursuing a career along with satisfying family needs is one big problem women of today face.
    its like travelling on two horses and hence becomes difficult to excel in both. However, working from home is a very good choice which not only lets you feel that you are not wasting your 25 years of studies which was your parents’ dream and also without having a ill feeling of neglecting your children.
    I really hope more and more moms find success in such endeavers.

  20. Hi,
    New visitor here and glad to see someone talk about the scammy aspect of working from home. I’ve been a work-from-home mom for over 3 years now and I love it. I’ve grown from a professional to a businessperson, enjoy the benefits and perks of a salaried professional and yet have the immense flexibility that a mom needs. However, was it easy? No. It takes a lot of hard work and determination. But it can be done!
    Thanks for sharing this post!


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