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9 Reasons Why You Should Buy Locally Produced Organic Food

With the mall culture taking all people away from their very roots, its high time begin returning back where your culture and life cycle started from – to locally produced organic foods.

local food - fresh and healthy
local food – fresh and healthy

Here I am stressing two points – culture and life cycle, yes! And I mean them.

Indian culture or any other culture for that matter has not developed in a day, it has taken hundreds of years to come to point where things were stabilized,

Food habits were developed


Lifestyle of the people was formed.

Food style has always been very important to man and if you make sure what you consume everyday you will sure come to know the fact that it has been tailor made keeping in mind –

  • The temperature of the place you live in

  • The soil-air-water cycle that exchanges the sun’s rays effectively

  • Your ecosystem and of course your health

The life cycle again is dependent on the fact that you are continuously going through hormonal changes and hence the lifestyle designed as per requirements there too.

I am not against globalization, you should surely taste other foods, but try not to make them your regular food style

Here are a few reasons why you should stick to cultural foods and locally grown foods

1. Locally Produced Organic Foods Maintain Your Body Temperature

Suppose you hail from south India, you sure would be having idli, dosa, Pongal, adai, appam, paniyaaram and so on for your breakfast. Did you notice the amount of urad dhal in these food item.

The tropical climate in sounth india with all its humidity makes you perspire the whole time and you need to be cooled down. The dhal and rice in the breakfast (and other meals of course) does exactly that.

No one can deny the fact that idli is the best breakfast one can have, given the balanced nutrition and the enormous amount of good microbes(probiotics) present as well as being a no oil food.

The fact that is overseen is that it also helps to cool down your body.

Similarly when in North India, you consume paranthas (aloo, muli, spinach and so on) , here the wheat heats your body in the cool months, especially winters. Poha cools you down in the summer.

2. Locally Produced Organic Foods Store More Nutrients

The nearer the food comes from the lesser nutrients are washed away, making your food nutrient rich and go by the nutrient chart.

The food also retains nutrients that you need most because being an organic living thing the plant would strive to make the nutrients it is deficient in.

Your own body, of course will be doing the same in the case of hormones, trying to produce deficient hormones, similar is the case with plants.

3. Locally Produced Foods Are Fresh

organic bananas
fresh fruit from local areas

The food that you get from the local market is fresh. You can actually know where the farmer is bringing the vegetables from and when t was plucked. This makes your food more safe for consumption and fresh too.

Most veggies are picked within 24 hours of reaching the market, making them more nutritious too.

Read How to grow your own veggies here

4. Local Farmers Produce Seasonal Veggies and Fruits

The food you consume from the local areas will be grown according to the season such as cucumber during summer, which will give you exactly what you require in the season.

Some off season fruits and vegetables you seem to be getting in any season in the malls would have been stored from long periods, this makes them shed off most of the so called nutrients they possess.

Off season fruits from far- away places are actually not fit for your consumption except to Satiate Your Taste Buds

5.Leaves Lesser Carbon Foot Print

Food from your local environment is ecologically safe both for yourself and your coming generations. When you buy local, the amount of renewable and non- renewable sources of energy to convert it to more storable forms is lessened.

There is very less transport and very less wastage of electricity.

Thus you will make a great contribution to the ecology namely leaving lesser carbon foot prints behind.

6. You Support Local Farmers by Buying Locally

This is a campaign which is very close to my heart. In our country every day we hear of farmer deaths, yet agriculture is seemingly the most productive business and many startups have been formed around it.

All this is because our farmers, as naïve as they are, do not try to convert the food they produce to commercial products.

However you are happy to buy bottled organic products which have all chemicals (allowed chemicals) to store them for a period and also you feel that you have moved up the social hierarchy.

If you were similar thoughts, you better reconsider your choice of food, health once lost can never be regained, your system can be repaired but not re-made from the beginning.

7. Connects You More To Your Locality

connect with local people
local food connects people

Buying local has the advantage of connecting with people nearby.

Yes! There are people in your locality and your apartment who have interest that is common to you. A little chat and some get-togethers are a great way of ease that tension in your head.

8. Variety

When you begin buying local the farmer is sure to try new crops, in fact it’s the need for a sustained market that makes him go for a solo crop which some middle mad would love to purchase at the lowest possible rate.

You not only boost your farmer but also make him become progressive. You might get mushroom, organic milk, organic eggs and so on along with the purest form of veggies possible.

9. Preserves Soil

Finally, when you are doing so much y=to your local farmers they would never think of moving towards inorganic fertilizers or pesticides thereby making your soil rich and stay so for the coming generations.
Remember soil once spoilt takes hundreds of years to recuperate and retain nutrients that it naturally does now.
So #BuyLocal #HelpFarmers #BeHealthy

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Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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