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Choosing Career For Your Child – The Dilemma Of Guiding Or Helping

Career For Your Kids - The Dilemma Of Guiding

Choosing a Career for your child is tricky these days, the confusion prevails as to whether you need to just let your kid choose his own career or you need to guide him/her or you need to go through all the process of choosing a career.

Thenmathi Leelavathy – winner of content contest on overparenting and now an author with Simple Indian Mom has discussed about the different aspects you need to go trough while choosing a career for your child.

Kids Can Dream! Don’t Oblige Them To Live Your Dreams!

I dreamt of becoming a scientist… so should my kids! How obsessive it is!! Then your kids’ dreams will be fulfilled by your grandparents?

Absurd! Let your kids dream and live their life. No worry!  Your wishes may not be transferred to your child through genes, but your innate parenting skills, decision making etc., will absolutely influence your children.

Kids Are Always Inquisitive

When a kid sees anything for the first time in her life, it may be a new toy in her friend’s house or a differently coloured stone in a street.

Her curious mind starts to think and explore as much as possible through countless queries. Children usually experiment an activity or a thing for a period of time and switched to other and continue the pattern till they find an enduring interest to cherish.

Persistent Observation Does Wonders

Parents play a major role in identifying kids’ interests through persistent observation. It’s only possible for a parent to apparently understand a child’s stand in education or extracurricular activities.

Few kids are gifted with an understanding teacher to persuade them to choose their interests.  Interest is accountable for learning and creativity. So observe constantly and find her interest.

Set Up More Options, Let Them Choose!

Facilitating the children to be aware of choices available around them is very important to identify their interest/ passion as early as possible. It helps them to take wise decisions at the later stages such as choosing a career, life partner, etc.

Listen to your kid; See how her self-esteem gets boosted!

Spending time together with your kids and listening to them face to face, definitely boost up their self confident and self-esteem.

Hence they value themselves and their real interests and progress to succeed in life through positive approach.

Be a driving force! Kids need constant motivation all the time.

Help them to identify their interests and pave way to achieve them. Help them to get rid of their inhibitions to explore their interests to master it.

They never forget it whilst they are successful. It brings happiness to them, of course, that’s the meaning of our life!

Support your child to transform her interest to Passion

Once your child advances to explore her interest, support her when she falls short of strong significant actions. Help her to overcome all hurdles to move vigorously to achieve her passion.

Every child is unique. Understand and continue to support all the time. As a parent, you can help them to be successful and happy with your constant support and unconditional love.

In my case, my kids are unique in their own way of doing anything. One is a booklover, creative, kind, insightful and always lives in his imaginary world.

Other is bold, a math lover, responsible and curious. Though they have something in common, they definitely have a different interest and I hope I do my best to motivate them to be happy for what they are doing.

I am taking part in  Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 and today’s prompt is : Feature a guest – a guest post / an interview.  

Choosing Career For Your Child - The Dilemma Of Guiding Or Helping
Choosing Career For Your Child – The Dilemma Of Guiding Or Helping
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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