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  1. hi shobana,
    there are a number of freelance websites available on the internet, the list of which I shall publish in my blog post as soon as possible.

    you can apply to any of these websites.

    there are two types of websites, namely the ones where you are expected to bid for a job, these include the freelancer.com and elance.com etc.

    there are other websites where you can directly apply from your email account. these are better because here you would be able to give your contact address directly to the service provider such as the freelanceswitch.com and craigslist.com

    well, I shall explain the bidding process. for this I would like to give you the example of freelancer.com, mainly because the number of bids you can place per month is more.

    before going to the bidding process make sure you have a well documented profile prepared ready to showcase to your potential job providers. the profile must include your qualifications, work that you can do with examples.

    Now when you find a project that is of your interest, click the bid now option, you would go to a seperate page where there would be options to choose the amount you would earn, how many days you can complete the project and the escrow or milestone.
    always try to enter atleast 50% milestone payment, this way your payment can be secured after completing the work.
    next, at the space provided for private message to the project provider upload your profile.
    check for the number of t=days remaining for the project to end.
    here are some tips to effectively get a project
    1. choose project that are urgent.
    2. check for project that ask for freshers, and bid for an amount that is on the lower end of the average bid amount.
    3. follow all the rules of the website.
    4. bid for almost all the jobs in the category that you have opted for.
    5. do not wait for the result, this may make you sluggish and not let you proceed with other work.

    all the best. do tell me if you succeed.

  2. Hi Menaka,

    I would like to get freelance web designing jobs (photoshop, flash). But, I dono how to bid and get projects. Can you please guide me the ways to get a freelance project. Also, I was trying for some online data entry jobs. But none of them prove to be genuine. Awaiting your reply.


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