Mindful Parenting


I would like to start with a famous Tamil quote “alavukku minjiinal amirthamum nanju.” It means that even good things becomes poisonous if it goes beyond limits. So does over parenting. We have all evolved with time and circumstances in case of parenting too. What was once given to a dozen children in a family: […] Read more…

Overparenting - A First Hand Report

How Overparenting Affected Husband Wife Relationship – A First Hand Report

Here is a first person account of how overparenting affected the husband wife relationship. NOTHING can sink a relation like differences over parenting. Sometimes the areas of disagreement are stark and dramatic, leading to blowups and out-and-out breaks. Most of the time they are subtle and unstated, a matter of dark looks and long-simmering resentments, […] Read more…

Are You Over Parenting


At times you do not know if what you are doing is parenting or overparenting, here is a mom with some questions and answers for the same Yesterday night while we were going out for walk after dinner,my son took his favorite teddy with him.We don’t want him to take that as it was too […] Read more…

Understanding A Child’s Emotional Traits Through Graphology

Understanding A Child’s Emotional Traits Through Graphology

The increasingly fast pace of life that we have developed has both its advantages as well disadvantages. The fast pace offers us exposure, growth and allows  more agility. However, this life also brings along its own set of challenges. While stress is  increasing, there is an apparent challenge faced by young parents when it comes […] Read more…

Tell Tale Signs In A Child To Watch Out For Possible Sexual Abuse

8 Tell Tale Signs In A Child To Watch Out For Possible Sexual Abuse

After the 3-year-old’s molestation in Bengaluru, It has become important that parents become aware of the tell signs of sexual abuse in children. 8 signs YOU should look for to identify sexual abuse in your child 1. Wounds in Her Privates Blue-black thighs, burning while peeing or visible wounds on any part of her body […] Read more…

Child Molestation, Murder and more

Child Molestation Murder and More – Should Parents Become Indifferent Hereafter

It is not uncommon to see child molestation and rape cases on the Indian Newspaper daily. Yes! I am talking about India, where parenting is seen as a more important issue than anything else. We Indians plan our lives around our children. No travel plans till children grow up to enjoy. Homes are always chosen […] Read more…

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