With the mall culture taking all people away from their very roots, its high time begin returning back where your culture and life cycle started from – to locally produced organic foods.
When it comes to eating, our Bollywood stars are very persnickety, they in fact make sure that only the best among all in that is available enters their body – After all they need to keep their body healthy and fit, don't they?


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When a baby is born, a mother is also born, especially if he/she is your first child. Just like everything is new for the baby, everything is new for you, the mother too. Weaning in particular is something no one is going to talk about for a long-long time to you.
Organic Food
Growing your own organic vegetables is the need of the hour, not because you do not get vegetables in the market but because what you get are so poisonous that it is better to not consume them.
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Menaka Bharathi, a.k.a, SimpleIndianMom, is mom of two lovely and energetic boys and a blogger. Life according to her is a Flow of Natural Energy and she hence strives her best to keep it as simple and natural as possible. In her quest to be natural she has made it possible to keep life really simple.

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