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Essential Equipment and Tools You Require to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

Nothing comes by easy, especially when your target is to grow your own organic vegetables.

Now that you have begin learning the a to z of growing your organic veggies you sure need to know what equipment and tools you would require in the process.

Believe me, the moment you put in your heart into gardening, it becomes addictive. You might become so much as inseparable from your corkscrew weeder, thumb waterer, Trovel or the Khurpi.

In fact it becomes so addictive that you would just want to prolong using these tools, wearing the hand gloves, out with your plants.

Truphe Garden Tools Box (14 In 1 Garden Tool Box Combo Pack)

Well, as a word of caution I would like to include here that , you can very well manage to do gardening without many of these tool, however, having them comes into the category of ‘nice to have’ possessions.

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Essential Tools To Grow Your Organic Vegetables

Some tools are essential, which you cannot begin your gardening without, such as the hand hoe, small trowel, spade,  fork, pruner and so on. Here is the minimalist set of essential tools that you could easily buy.

Things that you need to keep in mind are

  1. Always go for the best quality of the tool that comes within your budget. This will be a long term investment, so buy wisely.
  2. You do not have to buy a whole set at a time, you can buy the most important tools first, then add on slowly. With time you will understand that these tools would be making your work simpler and easier.
  3. Check in the local shop first for the quality of the material (if possible) and then decide upon the final buying.
  4. Be ready to take enough care of your garden tools.
  5. Always clean the tools after you are done with working in your organic vegetable garden.

Read here how to designing your organic vegetable garden 

Standard Garden Fork

Falcon FWF-1001 Steel Hand Weeding Fork (Multicolor)

A garden fork is a hand held tool that has three to four prongs and a head. The prongs are made up of good quality steel and the handle can be aluminium, wood or other material.

The tines or prongs are generally sharp, to facilitate digging into your organic vegetable garden.

Garden Rake

Garden Rake

Kisan Kraft KK-GR-3135 Steel Rake (Blue)

Used in gardening for loosening the soil, light weeding and levelling of mud, the garden rake is made of steel and has to be hardy enough to handle tightened soil.




Trovels are used for digging holes, planting, transplanting into ground or containers. They are made of tough blade and rubber wood or wooden handle.

Trovels are the most necessary tools and you cannot do gardening without one.


Falcon Pruning Secateurs – Economy M-2(Total Length 200 MM,Steel Handle with PVC grip)

Pruners have many uses when it comes to gardening, they ared for cutting, snipping, trimming, pruning and so on.

I know of some friends who have this hanging around their hips in a holster (you know like a cowboy gun), that much is the use of a pruner to a gardener.

When buying a pruner always check for the safety lock system.

Garden Gloves

You surely cannot work with your bare hands in your garden to grow you own organic vegetables, you need to take care of your hands.


Just like the trovel khurpi is used to loosen the soil for planting, transplanting and other gardening works. It is blunt unlike the sharp edged trovel.


TO weed out unwanted weeds growing in between you organic vegetable crops a weeder is necessary. This is a tool that will have to be kept handy almost every other day, because robust weeds grow when you begin fertilsing your plants.


Falcon FW-900 Steel Hand Weeder (Multicolor)

Watering Can

I remember using a used tin with holes in them to water my plants when I was a small girl, well that was quite cumbersome. You could just buy a watering can so that you irrigate your plants without damaging them.

Watering Can

Truphe 5-Liter Premium High-Grade Plastic Watering Can

This is one small list of tools, which is essential to begin to grow your own organic vegetables. There are others which you might fancy later with time.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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