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#Pollachi-Sexual-Abuse – Blame Indian Parenting and Patriarchal Society

#Pollachi-Sexual-Abuse - Blame Indian Parenting and Patriarchal Society
#Pollachi-Sexual-Abuse – Blame Indian Parenting and Patriarchal Society

Men are always men!

You can say this easily in India and go about carrying on with your daily routine. There is not even a small disapproval when  there are proud advertisements in national media that men can behave in certain manner – BECAUSE THEY ARE MEN!

India, in the name of culture we have been repeatedly degrading our women!

How many of us have questioned our own kin when they use swear using female body parts?

No! it has been like this and we are used to it – right!!

It was all okay when there was no harm to be caused by this – well, don’t you think it is this non indulgent behaviour of our society that has lead to a massive scale abuse of women – that too young adults and children.

Pollachi-Sexual-Abuse – The Parents Miss and Sons Mess

20 men lured 200 women using social media, personal and interpersonal connections, cajoled them, filmed them and threatened them extracted huge amounts of money.

And people are busy teaching parents of the girls how to raise girls! I mean really?

What about the parents of the men?

Did you see the video clipping where the girl is pleading – even an animal would have felt pity on her, none of these morons seem to be moved and infact are enjoying the way shes pleading – they are hitting her, hurting her.

What have we taught the men in this society? What has this Patriarchal society done to their mental state?

I have been wondering from yesterday – why didn’t the parents of these 20 men ever ask how they were suddenly earning so much money? Why is it that the parents did not show any concern of the whereabouts of their sons? What is it that has shut the parents out of all that is happening around them?

Let me ask you this

  • How many of us parents have bothered to check on our sons behaviour in social media?
  • How many of you know what his online avatar is?
  • Do you know his bank balance, financial status, spending capacity?
  • What are his whatsapp groups, where does he spend most of his time?
  • What are the things he is buying – both online and offline?
  • His weekend getaways and places of interest?
  • His girl counterparts, friends and associates?

If you have not yet taken note – do it now! Your son may have come of voting age but with so much vulgarities and vagaries happening in the society one needs to keep check on every male and female member of the family.

It is okay to be called a nosey parent rather than an irresponsible one.

Indian Parenting – Where Did We Miss Out On The Girls

Did you notice what the pivotal point to this Pollachi-Sexual-Abuse was – FEAR THAT THE GIRLS’ NUDITY WOULD BE EXPOSED

The fear of the possibility of their nude photos or videos being shared across social media has made these girls get deeper and deeper into the web of these men. Did I hear rightly when some news channel said that these girls were SUPPLIED to men — in power? Does that literally mean that they were blackmailed with some nude pictures and that was all that was needed to pressurize a girl to do anything?

So whose mistake is it?

In our culture a woman should be perfect, unadulterated and flawless – her flesh is all that carries the dignity of the family heritage, her body is what is considered to have to be protected and that is the paramount duty of the male in the house. Every obscene word in the world revolves around different body parts of a woman and it has never been an issue – Not even to the so called feminists.

Could parents make a difference if they can be friends with their children as they grow and teach them that

  • Young adults do have hormonal changes and the opposite sex does seem attractive
  • we can discus friends at home- its not abnormal to have a friend of opposite sex ( and in fact same sex too these days)
  • It is alright to commit a mistake – sometimes you seem to like a wrong person – but that is not a crime and can be made right
  • Accidents do happen, you can always bank on your parents in any dire situation
  • The flesh has nothing to do with the cleanliness of your soul
  • Flesh is flesh and can be repaired if it happens to be damaged

With all the hues and cries happening, all that is going to stay is the scars these men left behind. Some may be punished, others let to flee to some safe haven, but the psychological fear it has instilled does spread a chill everytime we think of it. Lets all try and join together in asking for justice for the abused and #serious-punishment-to-pollachi-abusers.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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