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Starting Work From Home or Small Business From Home ?Part 1

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With families becoming nuclear and flats becoming our place of living it is becoming harder by the day to maintain a healthy home where both husband and wife get out of the house working their day out and returning tired and wrung off. This takes away the peace that is inherent component of ay home. Things become even harder when there are children to look after.

The advent of internet and the various social sites, it now is a lot easy to begin business from home, and most often it is very helpful form women than men.

The main advantages of working from home include

  • You do not have any boss, so you do not have to answer anyone; you are your own boss.
  • With your household chore, children?s studies, social pressure and your own health to take care of, you can schedule your working hours yourself, this flexibly works great for women.
  • Many businesses when done in a small scale require very less investment in terms of money. Your time and hard work is the major investment here.
  • You earning is exactly proportional to the amount of work you have put and does not depend on any kind of ranking or comparison, thus no pressure, either external or internal.
  • You can plan things ahead and even spend vacations if your work is scheduled rightly.

Earning From Home

When you aim at earning from home or working from home the main concern is consistency. Since most women are not the major bread winners of their house, they consider their salary as an extra income and hence do not seriously indulge in their passion or business as they would if they were working for another concern.

This becomes the main hindrance when it comes to flourishing of small scale businesses done from home. However if you are keen on getting good results from your working from home, you need to keep the following things in your mind before beginning your business.

  1. Plan Ahead

Make a clear plan of what you are going to do and how you are going to go about it. Planning makes things easier and also paves way to complete your task at a quicker pace.

  1. Schedule And Stick To The Schedule

Schedule your time and strictly follow your schedule. If you make a plan for 10 A.M to 12 Noon make sure you are not disturbed at that time and complete the work you have had in mind. If you miss your target or do not complete the given word in time your employer or client may lose confidence in your work and may jump to another provider. Thus always keep to your word where a dead line is concerned.

  1. Do Not Over Work

Any business or job requires too much time in the beginning; however make sure that you do not completely devote your time to our business alone. This might make your family members get bothered or annoyed with you might end up having trouble at home.

  1. Do not Panic

If due to some genuine reason you are not able to complete your work in time just inform to your client and keep them in confidence about the completion of the same. Panicking and getting stressed may not give you any better results rather would only cause unwanted anxiety to you.

  1. Take Rest

Remember you are working from home and hence you do not need to feel over responsible. You can take enough rest taking breaks now and then. You can also have weekends off so that your work and life are balanced properly.

Business or Work from Home

Given below are a list of jobs and businesses that you can do from home.

Ways to earn money from home:

  • Start Your Own Blog/ Website

If you are good at writing and have a passion towards some kind of niche, blogging is one of the best option for you to choose. Although blogging would bring less revenue in the beginning if you are consistent and you are able to provide useful material for others you are sure to succeed earning good returns with time.

  • Content Development

This is my favorite, article writing or content development has good scope of late. You can try getting jobs in various websites such as,, and so on.

Although the pay is low in the beginning with experience you would be able to get good pay.

  • Selling Crafts Online

If you are creative, create unique products like customised gifts/ wedding trousseau & sell on face book/ eBay and so on.

  • Tutoring Online

If you are academically strong, tutoring is one of the best options. You are required to spend only a few hours a day and that too in the morning and evening. Online tutoring is also one good option which gives you very good pay if you tie up with good websites providing tuitions for students studying abroad.

  • Providing Day Care Facility

If you are a mom and would like to devote more time with kids, providing day care facility is a very good option. Most parents do not have time to look after their children nor do they have help at home and hence a day care is their best option to leave their child when they are in office.

You can even develop a nursery school later if you are able to gain a good name with the parents.

  • Extra Curricular Classes

If you are good at any of the soft skills such as dancing, singing and sports such as karate or something similar you could conduct offline and online courses for the same. You will be able to get training opportunities in schools and colleges too which can be fixed for an hour or two per week and so on.

  • DIY Videos

If you are good at cooking or other do it yourself type of crafts you sure have an opportunity online where you can make these videos and upload in YouTube. This gives you a lot to do at home and good income through advertisements.

although working from home seems to be an easy option you would have to face a lot of problems initially, only after you establish yourself well would you have the freedom of choosing job at your ease. lets discuss the other options in the next part.

wait for starting work from home or small business from home – part 2

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Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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