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4 Methods of Teaching Science in Schools Effectively

Teaching Science Effectively At Schools
4 Methods of Teaching Science Effectively At Schools

Science is a field that relates to the happening in our daily life. Science means to know, sometimes by doing things and sometimes by writing.

Science is not only about understanding, it is about developing understanding.
The curiosity inside among all is different.
We start learning from the school. In India where pre-schooling and
high school has a definite effect on the learning process of a child,
we need to understand the teaching methods.
In my observation I have seen three types of education:
1) schools where teacher comes and takes class, textbook teaching.
2) schools where teacher comes with a presentation and do the textbook teaching where
books and paper are replaced by electronic media.
3) schools where the NO schoolbag No homework is applied.
4)  which I believe will be ideal
Let us dissect each models one by one.

In case 1

the resources are limited, the teacher has to teach
like daily basis, the students are also limited.
Though teacher has textbook, sometimes this technique lacks
out of the box thinking and a result, the students gets less exposure and
so the knowledge.

In case 2

the presentation requires times, though the content
of teaching is huge, selection and delivering scientific knowledge
differs from teacher to teacher. Also school needs to act like
a censor board and select the appropriateness of the teaching material.

In case 3

you might been thinking how teacher teach in the environment!
In this case, the e learning material is used by the school and thus everything is
automated. The e learning content runs on auto pilot.
The media is played the kids do stuffs, the questions are asked and the test, mostly online is taken.
The benefit is that both Teacher and student material are available with popular boards
like ICSE, CBSE and NCERT. SO the teacher’s load is reduced.

In case 4

the idea is different, the hands-on experiment with live activities and
involvement of kids as they can understand and can ask questions.
In the modern times, with the advancement of tech and internet,
kids are curious and search the contextual content over the net.
Some parents allow and some don’t. But where is the teaching point of view involved?
The teaching is always required. It is quoted by Sir Abdul Kalam that
“We need better teacher”. It’s a teacher’s responsibility to make the student
involved in the study. Teaching is an art.
In present scenario where, the dominance of the teaching is fading away, in my opinion,
teachers need to be more sophisticated with knowledge and handling the questions
raised by the students.
The students should be taught with an hybrid approach and the teaching textbook should
relate the content with the life examples. The teacher on the other hand should be trained
with more experiment who could quench the curiosity of the children. The questioner in the kid must
be brought out. The teacher who is teaching science has a responsibility of raising our future


The monotony of teaching science like other subjects Should be broken.
The teacher should discuss more with the students. The students should be given a chance to participate in the science exhibition conducted by
The students should be given a chance to participate in the science exhibition conducted by state government which is funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Apart from science fair, the students should be given a chance to visit the Science Express train.  The science express demonstrates the suitable experiment for kids and its a great opportunity to visit it. The teaching science should incorporate the use of live demonstration for kids.
I think with these steps the science education will flourish.

About the Author

This is a guest post by Masoom Jethwa who is a planetary atmosphere scientist and a blogger who blogs at
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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