5 Kickass Reasons Why You Should Go Organic Immediately


Organic food has become sort of a mantra these days and almost everyone I know is speaking of organic food. Well! Being an Agricultural Microbiologist, I have had the opportunity to have first hand experience of what organic food really means and how much it is important to your well being.

There are a section of people who keep following fads and have taken to organic foods as one of them. However, there is lot more to organic foods than what meets the eye, and they are so strongly evident that you might really understand the urgency to go organic immediately.

Reason #1 – Health Hazards

The recent outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil in fact stunned the world with a coincidental spread of Zika virus. Microcephaly is a congenital condition in which babies are born unusually tiny heads.

The connection between the virus and the condition is however been questioned by a group of Argentine physicians who have come up with scientific proof that it is not Zika virus but a larvicide (to kill mosquito larvae) that was introduced into Brazils water supply which is behind microcephaly.


The Physicians in Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), have said that the to control mosquito larvae spreading in drinking water a larvicide namely Pyriproxyfen was added to water tanks. PCST has found that Malformations were found in thousands of children from pregnant women living in such areas where this Sumitomo companies product was added.

 You can read the complete article about the research here

“Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water is not a coincidence,” the PCST wrote [pdf] in the report.

Thus it is evident now that the very human DNA can be affected by chemicals which originally were promoted as protection agents.

There are a number of papers published around the world which have clearly connected pesticides with different kinds of cancers.

Organic food such as organic meat, organic milk, organic eggs and organic vegetables is thus a necessity more than choice.

Reason #2 – Hormonal Imbalance

Chemicals used as pesticides in plants and preservatives in meat and other packed foods have been connected to many hormonal imbalances such as thyroid  and Endocrine.


More than 90% of the pesticides one consumes are found in the fat and tissue of meat and dairy products. This is mainly due to Bioaccumulation – that is as one goes up the food chain the amount of toxins accumulated is higher. So when you consume milk or egg that has chemical in it you are accumulating more toxins in your system.

You must be aware of girls attaining puberty at an earlier age than a generation before. Male hormones too have been found to be affected by pesticides blocking them and causing serious concerns world over. Growth hormones in milk (rBGH or rBST) are genetically modified and have been directly linked to cancer, especially in women.

Thus choosing organic meat and organic milk products is unyieldingly important for young children and nursing mothers.

Reason#3 – Better Nutrition

Organically produced food is found to be better in taste and nutrition. In a study conducted on the vitamin C content and lycopene in tomatoes, organically produced vegetables had more nutrients than their counterparts.


Organically produced milk was studied and found to have better taste as well as better nutrition especially in terms of omega 6:omega 3 fatty acid ratio which plays a very important role in reducing or eliminating probable risk factors for a wide range of developmental and chronic health problems.

Read the organically vegetable buying guide here

Organic food also is found to maintain a healthy proportion of beneficial microorganisms in your gut which keeps your digestive system hale and healthy. Pesticides and GMOs tend to make the good organisms in your stomach become weak and strengthens disease causing organisms such as Shigella, E.coli and so on which is confirmed by scientific studies.

It is proved that on an average, organic foods provide: 21.1% more iron (than their conventional counterparts); 27% more vitamin C;  29.3% more magnesium; 13.6% more phosphorus.

Reason#4 – Makes You Feel Safe

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Leaving carbon imprints where ever you go is one thing you can never be relieved off. Be it farming or just living comfortably in your home, you just tend to make earth a little more polluted. Organic farming is one way you can help to reduce this carbon imprint.

Organic foods, organic vegetables and organic diary and meat products makes it possible to be able to live a more sustainable life. You can try growing your own organic vegetables, grow some poultry for organic eggs and so on.

One should know that when we speak of organic food, it should come from your neighborhood. You cannot transport organic food from far away continents, because that will make it need some preservatives, thus making it unsafe. Organic food having proper labels give you a satisfaction of consuming something that is safer and will not cause any complications.

You need to let your children have safe water, air and an environment free from pollution, this can be ensured by organic farming.

Reason #5 – Maintain Ecological Balance


Einstein said – The day when there is no honey bees in this world the earth would cease to exist.

Yes! it is very important to maintain the ecological balance and have pollinators and predators that naturally exist on the earth. Trying to change this balance is what is causing all the climatic changes and global warming today.

Paul Hepperly of The Rodale Institute says that Organic farming may be one of the most powerful tools in the fight against global warming. Organic farming uses the naturally occurring bioinnoculants and predators instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, thus making them less dangerous to the environment.

Know How to Grow Your Own Veggies

Also when you begin buying locally, you begin supporting farmers more which is the most required step to save our dying farmers and drying farmlands. Supporting local farmers is very important because food scarcity is one thing that cannot be fulfilled by any mechanically operated firm, you need a farm and some good farmers to provide food for you and your coming generations.

Stay tuned to read more fun filled information breaking myths and bring celebrity loved recipes to you and all about organic foods such as organic vegetables, organic diary products and organic meat this month. I have taken it as a campaign to convert (as in religious conversion) at least some of my readers into organic product consumers and thus have joined #MyFriendAlexa campaign by #Blogchatter.

Going organic as I said earlier is now going to be a necessity than a choice, so better start NOW!









  1. You have listed great benefits. We are trying to slowly move towards organic produce and we have completely switched to organic dairy.

  2. This is such wonderful post.
    You have listed out l the methods to organic.
    I am shocked to see how inorganic I have been in this polluted world

  3. WOW! You have made my day Kathleen. I am impressed to be classed by you in group 5 of your 5 bloggers style, I had really wanted that didn’t I. I also like the fact that you choose organic food whenever you can, yes it does make so much of sense truly because organic food is what is going to make our genes work the same here after. I am so much against the slow mutations occurring due to food we eat. it troubles to think of such a scenario

  4. Hi, I just followed you here from a comment you left on my post 5 Blogger Styles – Where do you fit? I am very happy to see a lot of posts here that I would enjoy and agree with. I always try and eat organic, it just makes so much sense.
    Thanks, Kathleen

  5. Dear Novembers child! I would strongly disagree with the sentence “even if the health benefits of eating organic aren’t significant”it is very much significant, kindly check the article on how your health is being challenged by chemical inputs and pesticides used in agriculture. It is affecting the DNA itself, so there is going to be serious trouble in the near future. Its time to learn whats happening with agriculture and our food.

  6. I understand that, despite the popularity of organic foods, clothing and other products, organic agriculture is still only practiced on a tiny percentage of land worldwide. And even if the health benefits of eating organic aren’t significant, the environmental advantages of organic agriculture—which are, of course, also public health advantages—make the practice well worth supporting.

  7. Sustaining is really tough richa! that is why organic foods cost higher than the chemical ones. The productivity is low and inputs sometimes cost really very high if you were to buy them.

  8. Thats a lot for all of us to go organic tomorrow itself. My parents have been growing their own vegetables for a while in our village but sustaining is tough..

  9. Wow! Srikanth, that’s great Idea. with so many people asking about the space and how to grow vegetables in smaller spaces, I am all ready to post how to grow vegetable in the smallest possible space

  10. Hi Sudha! it is true that we need some space, but there are a lot more than space. There are vertical planters available which can be used to grow 32 different types of veggies in a small space. tune in to know what they are.

  11. We all love to have fresh produce grown organically.No doubt on that.But growing veggies in our backyard is possible only if we have some space to do it.It is a dream-only situation for many apartment dwellers

  12. Having grown up in big cities, eating organic fare has been a rarity for me. However, now my parents have got themselves a plot. My mother plans to take up full time organic farming to have fun in the near future. I just I get to join her.:)

  13. Hello Menaka,
    Glad to be here and so much to learn. You took a wonderful topic for your 1st post and such informative. Plus would like to know if it’s possible to go organic when our houses have shrinked and we hardly have less space to grow more veggies ? Keep sharing !

    Shalini Sharrma

  14. Kala!!Yes they are costly because the organic fertilizers used do not give dramatic growth of the plant which may result in lower production. However, always remember that cup of sweet corn we buy in the Mall without question why so little for so much!!!
    Yes! Growing your own veggies is a very good option.

  15. I have to say while I knew some reasons why we should eat organic vegetables, reading this has made it clearer and affirmed my beliefs

  16. Quite Interesting article. I think rise of PCOS among women due to chemicals in food items is another reason why going Organic should be seriously considered.

  17. I have Thyroid and I try to buy as much organic stuff as possible! Very informative post 🙂

  18. Hi Menaka, This was truly an informative and eye-opening piece. I have read about the benefits of organic food but I find that they are very expensive….almost 2-3 times costlier. In addition, veggies are rarely available. But I am going to try and grow a few plants at home! Great post!

  19. Thank You Ramya! I really am happy that you have decided to grow your own veggies. I am coming up with exactly how to grow your veggies at home. DO Follow my posts!!

  20. Thanks Manisha!!In fact our forefathers were never wrong, I think its us who were wrong in understanding the science behind every practice of theirs. Hope the next generation at least is benefitted with the knowledge.

  21. Good research been done here. Really like the article. I go in for organic stuff and happy I am going the right way. Agree to the readers that we are going back in time. Lot of are older methods were much much better and beneficial to us and nature. Happy to connect #zarahatkeblogreads via #MyFriendAlexa @blogchatter

  22. Hi Menaka,
    This is such a well researched and nicely framed post. It is so difficult to get organic veggies nowadays that I now plan to grow it myself. Reading about vegetable gardens now.

  23. Yes! Atul, when we say History Repeats, we mean it in every way, only that we might not go back to bullock carts, instead use renewable sources of energy!!

  24. I would be very happy if you do so Modern Gypsy! Organic food is the need of the hour and if I am able to make even one person go for it I would be satisfied for the day!.

  25. This is very true. I am in fact growing organic tomatoes, egg plants, herbs in containers in my balcony for my 1 yr old. We have harvested a lot of tomatoes, fenugreek, coriander, chilies so far!

  26. Thanks for enlightening us with this well-researched post. I try organic vegetables and fruits whenever possible. But I didn’t know it had these many benefits. Glad to have read.

  27. We are actually traveling back in time by going organic and that’s the way forward ! Wonderfully summed up the benefits of Organic Food.

  28. This is a must read post for everyone. The chemicals have already caused so much harm, it better we turn organic fast or start owning mini kitchen gardens to grow our own food.

  29. Finding organic veggies is the toughest task at present …
    This non organic have lead to many diseaes and also it is tasteless….
    Very good post, we need to understand it now

  30. Yes Chandni! Buying local is the best way to ensure the quality as well as help local farmers strive. We often buy a cup of sweet corn n huge malls for 50INR yet think twice when we buy greens and veggies which are more important to us. Thanks for your wishes and support!!

  31. Hey SIM , interesting to read such well researched piece on organic food. I did know organic food as healthier and a lot of us in the Gen next are switching to it as we are conscious of the choices we make for our families health. I often buy organic pulses for home but after reading your article i would explore organic veggies too as you make a strong point about supporting local farmers.. all the best in your journey over the next one month,


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