An Egg-ceptional Super Food

Why Is Egg A Super Food And How Is It Beneficial To Our Health?
Why Is Egg A Super Food And How Is It Beneficial To Our Health?
Why Is Egg A Super Food And How Is It Beneficial To Our Health?
Why Is Egg A Super Food And How Is It Beneficial To Our Health?

Eggs are a marvel of nature. Egg is not only the most commonly consumed food in the world but also the most versatile foods. They can be incorporated in food in a lot of ways, whether raw or cooked (hard boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, coddled, etc). On top of all the above, they are also nutritious and delicious. Eggs contain a lot of essential nutrients that are required by the body and that is why it is an Egg-ceptional Super food.

Here are some Interesting Facts about Eggs:

  • Eggs contain proteins that are of high quality.
  • To find whether an egg is boiled or raw, just spin it! If it spins, it is boiled, and if it wobbles, it is raw!
  • A natural source of vitamin D is the egg yolk.
  • The color of the egg yolk depends on the diet of the hen.
  • An egg is approximately 70 calories with 5 grams of fat.
  • Larger eggs are produced by hens as they grow older.
  • An average person on the Earth eats 173 eggs in a year.
  • In a year, the average hen lays between 250 to 325 eggs.
  • The breed of the hen determines the colour of the shell.

Why Is Egg A Super Food And How Is It Beneficial To Our Health?

Eggs are nutritious, weight-loss friendly and high in antioxidants foods i.e egg-ceptional. If any food deserves to be called superfood it’s eggs. Some of its Health Benefits are listed below.

Boosts Memory

Th egg yolk contains a nutrient called choline. This is an essential nutrient and is a precursor for acetylcholine, that is a very important neurotransmitter responsible for many functions like muscle control and memory.

Eggs are good for the eyesight

Eggs are good for your eyes. This is due to the fact that eggs contain Lutein, a carotenoid that prevents oxidative damage to the eye. It thus reduces any age-related eye disease. Egg yolks contain adequate amounts of vitamin A. Thus, consuming eggs helps in preventing night blindness and regulates the immune system.

Bone Health

Egg yolks contain vitamin D. As vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, consumption of eggs help in preventing osteoporosis.

Eggs help in growing a healthy tissue

An egg’s white contains around 3.5 grams of protein (for 20 calories and 0 fat). This means that it is a very good source of lean protein. It also keeps us full and helps in growing a healthy tissue. It also helps in repairing the muscles after a workout.

Beauty Secret

Eggs contain amino acids that help the body build keratins. Keratin is helpful in promoting hair, skin and nail health. Thus, consuming egg strengthens hair, nails, and skin. Eggs are “the best beauty secret”.


Do You Know?

Do You know how to differentiate between a “good” egg and a “bad” egg?

  • Sniffing is the best and reliable way of telling whether the egg has gone bad or not. It is a simple way too.
  • In addition to sniffing, we can also check for signs of mold and bacteria in the shell. The white and yolk can also be checked for discoloration to see if the egg has gone bad.
  • The most popular way to check for a fresh egg is to see whether the egg sinks or floats in water. But this method will not tell if the egg is good or bad!
  • Candling is also another reliable method to check the freshness of the egg.
An Egg-Ceptional Super Food
An Egg-Ceptional Super Food



  1. We love to eat egg. My girls, particularly. I hate when egg gets bad press. Then there would be good reports. Then bad reports. Then fake eggs. It’s crazy. But for me, it’s always taking everything in moderation.

  2. have you come across the latest studies on the cholesterol content of eggs David? Studies prove that eggs are completely safe- just that you need to restrict to one or max 2 eggs a day

  3. At times the market forces makes us wonder whether what we do is right or wrong. You would remember there was a time when people were encouraged to eat atleast one egg a day and then suddenly it became the egg white, now organic eggs.

  4. I tend to use the floating in water method to test eggs but I think I might try giving it a sniff too! A really informative post.

  5. Eggs definitely have some great things inside them. Although really curious as to what you think of the egg yolks and cholesterol. Some people say stay away. And others say it doesn’t actually affect anything. Curious as to your thoughts.

  6. I knew that eggs were a great source of protein but had not idea about these other benefits. Sooo need to eat more eggs.


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