How To Blog Better – With The Help Of Blogging Groups and Blogbuddy


I started Simple Indian Mom a long time before, all that I knew of then was that – the joint family system was slowly collapsing due to careers and women in the nuclear families were becoming dependent on internet for information regarding things that make a house a home.

That was the sole reason why you would find SIM covering food to beauty and interiors to finance. Health and organic living are my forte, which I had become fond of with time.

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Why I Could Not Blog Better

All these years though there was an influx of readers what actually I missed was someone to encourage through the day with pointers on where I could perform even better or what they found would engage more audience.

Having a Blog Buddy to Blog Better

I had earlier joined quite a lot of  blogging communities, however blogchatter was a completely different one.

They always come up with magic ideas which helps you really reach great heights. I have done that with my Alexa Rank. I could make a great decrease in both global and Indian rank.

Now the magic is Blogbuddies – we are seven of us, including me.

Blogbuddies -to Blog Better


How Does Blog Buddy help To Blog Better


A blog buddy would encourage you on your bad blog days and give you ideas to blog on. He/she would support you through your blogging with inputs you most require.


he/she through their blogging would inspire you to blog better.


When there is someone to cheer you, wouldn’t you want to do better- yeah that is how a blog buddy would cheer you way tp blog better.


Blog buddy will be a benefit to both the giver and taker and hence there will not be any hesitation to give.

Join Your Success

This constant encouragement and inspiration is sure going to take you towards success – together.

So, do you have a blog buddy? Do you want one ?

I am participating in #UBC with #Blogchatter



  1. I love the way you’ve presented this post Menaka! Looking forward to rocking blog buddy together!! So glad to have you in my group. 🙂

  2. It’s the best thing how fellow bloggers can help and be each other’s strength to carve out ideas, point out flaws. Very well spelt in such a simple and concise manner.

  3. Solitary blogging really is quite pointless; it’s much more fun as a group activity, isn’t it? For me, any writing is pointless without readers. (Of course, we are readers of our own writing, but then we must write enduring classics if we hope to be read more than once!)

  4. This is awesome, Meneka! I like the way you bifurcated the points at the end. A lot to learn from you as a blogger. 🙂
    Glad that we’re in same team. Cheers~


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