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Why You Should Buy An Air Quality Monitor For Your Home

Air Quality Monitor For Your Home

How much would you love to have an air quality monitor that would intimate of the air quality around you – especially at home where your tiny little kiddo spends 90% of his or her time?

What if you had a handy air quality monitor that would give you timely intimation of the how good/bad the air that your family breathes in through the day?

Well, I for one would love to have something like that. Air quality is a major factor in our health. Knowing about the air we breathe is as important as knowing the ingredients in the food we eat.

However, unlike our food, air does not come in labelled packages. Air does not have any boundaries and indoor air can be as harmful as outdoor air.

In fact ‘I say what you eat is what you are’ and I follow that with my heart however you should also know that ‘what you breathe is how you are’.

Yes, the air you breathe in plays a very important role when it comes to your health.

The recent times have seen so many smogs in the Indian atmosphere that one has become adept to the term and its effects.

Air Quality Within Homes – Why Air Quality Monitors are Required

The air around us is polluted and we are worried to get out of our homes. However you need to understand that research evidences say that the quality of air within homes is 8 times worse than that outdoors.

At occasions where there is a small construction going on in the neighbourhood, repainting of walls or even cooking – its way higher than that too.

To me it all seems like as we try to get more sophisticated – the more are we subjecting ourselves to such worse qualities of air – mainly indoors.

And this is the reason I stress to have a handy air quality monitor

Activities that Deteriorate Quality of Air Indoors

You are going to be awestruck the moment you set eyes on the list below, mainly because these consist of 80% of our daily routine. Yes- many of our daily household chores are strong enough to pollute our very homes.

  1. Cooking – introduces high amounts of particulate matter in the form of smoke.
  2. Cleaning – introduces Volatile Organic Chemicals into our homes which otherwise was settled as a layer at a specific place.
  3. Hobbies – If you are an artist or a DIY fan you would know the amount of chemicals involved in your work.

Most of the times the process of securing your home and closing the windows, using heavy curtains and nets in itself makes it more polluted than the outside. The Refregirators, microwaves and air conditioners introduce CFCs into homes that stay put and refuse from getting out.

These days rains have made it easy for the walls and interiors of homes to remain humid so as enabling the growth of molds.

All this leads to deterioration of the family health which is what we want to safeguard. The more you are at home the more affected you become and yet you never would be able to locate the reason for such sudden health deterioration.

The Solution

Thus one of the solutions: you would need is a device that will monitor the air quality inside your home. However if you are working outside, you would not be able to monitor regularly, so you need the device to connect you even when you are not physically present at home. Here is one such useful Device: QIWI


Qiwi Product

The Qiwi uses top of the line sensors to monitor the air quality in your home and alerts you if you need to make changes like opening/closing vents and air filters to help maintain healthy breathing standards.

With Qiwi’s smart glow communication, you can see your air quality at a glance; a color coded LED will provide a quick reference for you to see.

Productivity, comfort, and a calming sense of health and well-being are the positive outcome of a healthy indoor environment. Our comfort depends on the interaction of multiple variables.

Optimizing both temperature and relative humidity satisfies the comfort requirements for wider variety occupants than optimizing only temperature.

You can read more about it and Order

why You should buy an air quality monitor for your home
why You should buy an air quality monitor for your home


Is this Product Available In India?

Well, you can pre-order the air quality monitor by clicking the above link or even by clicking here. The preorder come with a discount which you can avail by clicking the link NOW!



Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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