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Sleep Apnea Symptoms

SLEEP DISORDERS   The following information will help people know what are sleep apnea symptoms and types of the same. Sleep apnea symptoms sometimes risk life...

5 Instant Cure for Backaches

Backache is one of the most common problems every woman faces (sometimes men too, but mostly women). It is very painful and disrupts your...

5 Cardio Exercises That Would Seriously Reduce Your Weight

The cardio exercises are the best bet to lose the excess weight and tone up to a good shape. Let?s discuss five best cardio...

GM diet – Reel or Real

The General Motors Weight loss diet was first introduced to employees of General motors? who had seriously needed to reduce weight. It success in...

Benefits of Good Running Shoes and Tips to Buy The Best Running Shoes

With fitness becoming a universal mantra, every person tries to take special efforts to maintain a good physique. Health consciousness is increasing and people...

The High-Protein Low-Carb Diets- Facts You Should Know

High Protein Low Carb Diets, if you were a weight watcher you sure would be one among the people who would either be following...

The Fun Filled 20 Minute Minutes Workout for Moms

It is very hard to continue keeping up your work out regime after having children, especially if you are a working in a regular...

Garcinia Cambogia Weightloss: Shocking Report That Would Leave You Speechless

Weight loss industry always comes up with newer and newer products and the recent one that is circulating among the Indian facebook users is...

Benefits Of Yoga – By Amala

Physical level A person practicing yoga will have a body which is well proportioned , soft like flower and flexible to core. But it can...


According to ayurveda health is ? ?sama dosha sama dhatu sama agnishcha mala kriyaha prasannathmendriya manh swasthya ithyabhidyate? Meaning when the three doshas-vata, pita and...

How I Lost My Love Handles

  Image courtesy Marin Freedigitalphotoes.net Getting rid of love handles (the obliques) is very important and is considered to be very important to attain a fit...

Top Food That Help to Burn Belly Fat

?Fat is out Slim is in? that?s the latest mantra! Exercises, Crash diet, Gym, Walking are few examples with which one can lose yourbelly...

The Secret of Reducing Three Kgs in Thirty Days

Know the Basics of Weight loss Overweight has become a universal problem off late, no individual young and old is free of it. You are...

Effect of Alcohol on Human Brain – Crimes Against Women

I still am not able to come out of the effect the child rape incident has created and hence wanted to know why exactly...

5 Steps to Reduce Weight after C Section

Image courtesy freedigitalphotoes.net When it comes to delivery, women of this age have somehow began opting for the seemingly painless cesarean section, however they tend...


We all know health is wealth. Because of lack of time people are not finding time to do physical exercise and are prone to sicken...
8 ways to blast your belly fat

8 Ways to blast your belly fat

From the beauty point of view, belly fat provides an odd outlook. Looking from the health point of view, belly fat is quite dangerous....
sprouts chaat

Sprouts Chaat-Yummy Chaat With No Fat

  Chaat! Wow, sounds great isn?t it. But Alas! The calories? Well, as usual the thought of chaat usually triggers your calorie counter immediately since chaats...

Lower Abs Exercises – An Important routine Moms SHould Follow

LEG LIFT EXERCISE Since we are concentrating on reducing belly fat the common lower stomach exercise is upright leg lift exercise. Its quite easy to...

Hip Raise Exercises

This hip raise exercise focuses the abdominal muscles directly across the front of the body. This muscle supports your lower back and strengthens your...