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Cucumber is a perfect guarantor for a smooth and younger looking skin. Cucumber is an excellent natural resource of minerals and silica that strengthens our connective tissue.

Other than making our skin smooth it also protects our body from other adversities. Now a day?s cucumber is an important part of our skin and food diet due to its number of health benefits.

It is an effective solution to many skin problems like swelling around your eyes, sun burns, dark circles, tired eyes and dermatitis. The ascorbic acid and caffeine acid present in cucumber prevent water retention and that?s the reason why cucumber is used to reduce dried and puffy eyes.

The high water content present in it makes it a diuretic and so it helps in cleansing our body by eliminating waste material and chemical toxins. Cucumber is used worldwide for treating dark circles and tired eyes.

Cucumber again nourishes, smoothens our skin and hair, it also makes us look younger by acting as a good rejuvenator. It makes wonders to your skin by rejuvenating, hydrating and astringent properties.

Its antioxidant property rejuvenates your dry and drained skin. Freckles may be attractive on kids but not on you. You can use cucumber to battle against it.

Cucumber almost contains 95% of water along with vitamin c, sulfur, silicon, potassium and anti oxidants. And the vitamin c present in them acts as an anti-ageing component and also had whitening properties so its regular use can make your skin look younger, healthy with a beautiful complexion and healthy hair.


Cucumber is the key ingredient in many cosmetic products as it helps to cleanse, rejuvenates and refreshes you skin. Remember it is definitely a guarantor for your smooth skin.

  • For A Glowing And Smooth Skin


Cucumber ? 1

Mint leaves ? 4-5

Egg white ? I

Take a peeled and deseeded cucumber and blend it along with 4- 5 mint leaves to make a paste. To this paste add an egg white and mix well. Apply this all over your face for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat it dry.

  • Cucumber For Treating Puffy Eyes

If you use cucumber to treat puffy eyes it can give you instant benefits due to the large amount of ascorbic acid present in it. Keep chilled cucumber over your eyes; it can help you to alleviate your tired and puffy eyes.

You can also rub slices of cucumber around your eyes and all over your face and then wash off with cold water. It makes you feel refreshed.

  • Cucumber For Treating Sun Burns

Prolonged exposure to sun can cause you sun burns. Cucumber is a good remedy for sun burns due to its high water content.

Cucumber mask


Chilled milk ? 1 tbsp

Cucumber ? 1

Blend cucumber along with chilled milk in a blender and apply the paste evenly all over your arm, face, neck and areas of sun burn. Then wash with cold water after 15 minutes and then pat it dry.

  • Cucumber A Good Remedy For Scars


Tomato ? 2

Cucumber ? 1

Lime ? 1

Make a puree by blending cucumber and tomatoes in a blender. Mix the puree with the lime juice and apply all over your face. Continue with the treatment for for some days and you can see the difference within a week.

  • Cucumber For Cleansing Your Skin


Cucumber ? 1

Curd – 3- 4 tbsp.

After grating cucumber squeeze its juice out of it and mix it with the curd. And apply the mixture all over your face and neck. Keep it for 5 minutes and wash with cold water.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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