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Danteras – 5 Things in Gold You Can Buy

It is Womens Day today! oh yes, it is Danteras and that part of Diwali that is dedicated to women.

Diwali brings wholesome happiness to the family, there is joy to every member of family in their own way.

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Children enjoy firework!

Elders enjoy Lakshmi Pooja!

Men enjoy the sweets and savouries!


Women enjoy the Gold!

What Legend Says about Danteras

Although there are quite a large number of legends about Danteras, the one about the son of King Hima is most popular.

It is said that the son of King Hima was cursed to die on the fourth day of his marriage due to snake bite.

His newly wed wife was a clever person who vowed that she would not let Yama fulfil the curse.

She locked up her husband in a room and heaped al her gold ornaments to the door which was the only entry possible.

When Yama in the form of snake reached the door, he was baffled by the sparkle and forgot his duty.

Thus Danteras is in lieu of that day and women of the house buy gold and other metals to keep the home prosperous and their family safe (after all it is for the family -you see).

What Can You Buy in Gold This Danteras

Buying gold on Danteras is considered to be auspicious. however other metals also are bought on the day, gold marks luck.

Before going to buy gold on Danteras make sure you know the price of gold for the day!

Choose a good time to buy and book at the shop beforehand (you don’t want to push and pull, right)

Here are 5 things  in gold you can buy this Danteras.

  1. Gold Ornaments

Danteras gold to buy

Gold Ornaments are the best buy for women, especially because it is useful as well make the best investment.

the advantage of gold ornaments is that they come in all sizes and prices, you can fit in an ornament in your budget- however big or small it may be.

Make sure to check for the Hallmark is in place, check for the wastage and making charges and also make sure that they are reasonable for the design you are choosing.

DO NOT FORGET TO BARGAIN – yes! you can bargain for ornaments, because there is a large margin in the making and wastage charges.


2. Gold Coins and Gold Bars


Danteras what to buy
Danteras what to buy

If you are person who would not want to buy ornaments (like me) and see the yellow metal as -just another investment- coins are the best call.

There is no wastage in coins, you can sell them any day at the market price with assurance of getting the amount without any deduction.

You can buy coins from 1 gram and above.

these are fixed rates so no bargaining – just go and get it.

3. Gold ETFs


Gold ETFs are by far the most easiest ways to buy gold on the stock exchange platform and they are easy to buy online.

The price is linked to the domestic price of physical gold in the market on that particular day.

This again form a great option to invest and you can do it by the click of your mouse.

In fact Gold ETF is emerging as a strong investing ground in Indian Stock Market, If you are not keen on having physical gold these are best forms of Gold to have this Danteras.

4. Gold Bonds


Gold Bonds are similar to ETFs and differ only in that, you get a bond issued in your name for a fixed period of time.

You can sell ETFs any time you want, Gold Bonds on the other hand have a fixed time period to rest.

Gold ETFs have a risk if the market is volatile (gold would never fall -would it) however Gold Bonds do not have much risk.

The government of India has come up with a Sovereign Gold Bond scheme which ensures good returns

5. Utensils

Danteras what to buy

If you want to make your Lakshmi Pooja really special for your Goddess this Diwali you can go for custom made gold pooja utensils and perform your Pooja.

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You can also buy spoons and forks and other such lucrative utensils on this day.

With so many lucrative options you sure can have a best buy this Danteras. You could always shop oline too, however going out to shop would give you more happiness and bring the festive mood.

Tell us what you have bought this Danteras!!









Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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