Happiness Is A State Of Mind-Discover Your Happiness Quotient -3 Days 3 Quotes

Happiness is a state of mind


Happiness is a Temporary State of Mind, With A Little Practice You Can Make It Permanent

Happiness is a state of mind


Happiness is the ultimate goal of every individual.

Happiness does not have a universal formula, for some it is books, for others it is movies. Some would want a long travel, some others would want to play a game of foot ball.

You Should Know Your Happiness Quotient

Happiness Quotient gives you an idea of when you are happy and what makes you happy. If you know exactly what makes you happy you sure are going to find it easy to get to that point easily.

It is easy to know your Happiness Quotient, all you need to do is practice 3 days of happy mind technique sitting on your chair, every morning after a few seconds of sun watching.

This technique will be dealt with in my ‘ 30 days to a happy you’ e course, which is free the first time.

Be Happy In Every Situation

Once you know what makes you happy, you can attract it towards you with very less effort. Attracting your happiness makes you a confident person and a master from your mind.

Times become hard or easy according to how you begin to see it. With regular practice you not only will be able to win over hard situations, you can even stop them coming to you.

Well, seems unlikely right, but it is very much possible, it needs practice, practice and only practice.

Situations would bend to your desire, your children will suddenly become healthy and attentive to you.

Problem creators in the family will stop annoying you and you as a person will attain a better status.

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  1. Happiness ! The ultimate goal of every human ….. Let me know how to enroll for this.

  2. I so believe happiness is truly what we feel within and a lot of studies have been undertaken to keep a sad person in a room and tweaking the surroundings to make is energetic and pleasant and the moods have changed :)http://www.sunshineandzephyr.com/2016/10/meeting-fiction-concluding-part/

  3. Yes exactly, however when we reach a particular milestone we then want something new, so if we know exactly how we can make ourselves happy yet reach new heights we can be successful

  4. Most often we place milestones for us to be happy. We will be happy when we reach this goal, or that position in the office. The list is endless. This post is a good reminder that we need to stop looking outside of ourselves to find happiness.

  5. Like I said, a very interesting idea 🙂 Hoping for an increased happiness quotient for all the participants.


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