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Banana- A Super Food And It’s Health Benefits

Bananas are not new to the Indians. India is, in fact, the largest producer of bananas and produces around 11 million tonnes of bananas per year. Why Banana- A Super Food?


Interesting Facts About Banana
Interesting Facts About Banana

Some interesting facts about Bananas

  • Banana is not just a tree but the largest herb on Earth.
  • They are slightly radioactive that come with very small amount of isotope-40, that is found in all naturally occurring potassium.
  • Some bananas even taste like strawberries when cooked.
  • Plantains are a variety of banana with low sugar content than the common yellow bananas.


Why is Banana – A Super Food and How is it beneficial to our Health?

Banana considered as super food because of its high nutritional content and associated health benefits.

  • Banana are loaded with Potassium. As potassium is a critical nutrition for the health of the heart, nerves, bones, and kidney, Banana is very good to consume. It decreases the stone formation in kidneys and reduces the risk of osteoporosis by minimizing the loss of calcium.
  • An excellent source of fiber thus making Banana a Super Food.
  • It provides nourishment to blood because bananas contain vitamin B6 needed for the making of hemoglobin. Vitamin B6 is also important for the body for a good immune system.
  • Bananas are fat-free and a medium banana is 110 calories.
  • Bananas contain Vitamin C, that protects the body from oxidative stress.
  • If you are suffering from stomach ulcers, then banana is the best food as it protects the stomach from ulcers. They create a mucus that acts as a barrier in the stomach to protect the stomach walls against acids. They also help in eliminating the bacteria that causes ulcers.
  • Bananas provide loads of energy to our body.
  • There is an amino acid, tryptophan that helps in boosting the serotonin production responsible for a good sleep and a good mood. This amino acid is present in bananas.

Do You Know?

Recently, Banana skin is consumed by many people. Yes, the banana skin is edible! It contains many nutritional components. It aids in weight loss and boosting the mood. Though these are not part of the western meals, they are being used in many parts of the world. Especially, in India, the banana peel is used to add flavor to the food.

It is true that the skin is bitter than the sweet flesh. But this can be rectified by boiling, baking or frying the banana peel. If the fruit is ripe, the peel is sweet. The peel has extra fiber, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and B6.

You can add the peels to chutneys, curries and smoothies. Why not try it out?

Comment your views about Banana as a Super Food. Have you tried Banana Peel in your recipe? If yes, then share some details.




Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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