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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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5 Reasons Why 36 Vayathinile Tamil Movie Was an Instant Hit

Movies act as a mirror of your feelings, dreams, and fantasies and of course day to day happenings. Gone are the days where there were movies that were made on some stories that needed to be told and you would not in fact relate to it but would love to be something like the protagonist in it.

Off late movies are taken from real life situations, situations of people whom we see in our daily life such as someone next door, a friend at office or our schoolmate.

36 Vayathinile Tamil Movies is one such movie which marked a return of everyone?s favorite heroine and Surya?s lovely wife Jyotika, with a bang. It was liked by every Tamil woman (because she could understand the language, the same goes to Malayalam audience in case of How Old Are You)

So what do you think made it possible for the movie to become an instant hit? Here are 5 most loved reasons.

  1. Vasanthi?s Husband does Not Divorce Her

I can feel that smile on your lips too, but this is the first reason for the spontaneous penchant feelings towards the film. Do you think women would have liked it if there was a divorce involved or if bitter feeling took a wrong turn?

Of course not, there would have been feelings such as if I try to do something of my interest my family would suffer too, and there goes the success down the lane.

This is where the director has been successful in catching the emotions of the women folk. Vasanthi won a battle, she has accomplished something, she has understood that life is not always living for others, all which is the life lived by every Indian women

  1. Real Flash Card In Front Of Your Eyes

Not so long ago did we use flash cards to teach our children, they were simple easily understandable ones which would let the picture get absorbed by the child?s brain and stay there forever. 36 vayathinile is one such flash card.

Neither the husband t needs her nor her child, everyone says he/she is ambitious and she is left at a phase far behind them not knowing exactly where she is ? this is exactly the position of most women folk. They try to help everyone have a good day, day after day and finally everyone has a good day and a good life except her, because like the staircase she remains in the same position letting everyone else of the family climb and go ahead in life.

  1. Someone Belled the Cat

We women folk have always been cribbing about how the men have been crushing our ambitions and place theirs whims and fancies in front of any of our feelings.

This is being subtly told in the movie without hurting the feelings of anyone. I personally feel that this movie has to be watched by everyone along with their husband.

There are many scenes which show how a wife, daughter in law, mother and a friend is treated. All these being the same woman, only the perceiver is different.

  1. Connects To Every Woman

Again the cleverness of the director is seen, if Vasanthi was a housewife only women who do not go out to work can connect with her, so she is working in an office in the movie. This has made it possible for every woman to connect to her.

All of us saw a piece of ourselves in her, yes! Because every girl has had an ambitious past which is changed, molded and chipped off to make a beautiful and peaceful home.

  1. There Was No Untoward Happening

Most films would have negative scenes such as the husband would meet with an accident or the doctor would have some problem and so on which would make the women feel that if such an untoward thing had to happen in their family their very existence would be meaningless. Thus the motivation factor would have been annulled.

Such a pessimistic view had been averted and god bless the director, for he has made the movie completely in a positive view and makes one retrospect whether the path she is following is right or wrong.

I am sure most women would have at least had one sleepless night after watching the movie. Just thinking how much of her grey cells have remained unused after marriage would be enough to motivate.

No pessimism and only motivation makes this movie really special.

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Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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