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8 Family Time Scheduling Tips Spending Quality Time with Family


Prioritize your time

Make sure you know what is important for you and your family and make time for it. It is not that you are at your home and are working the whole time on your laptop. You have to know to prioritize your time. Make sure you have a separate time for your family. It can be the mornings or the evenings.

My friend although is very busy 20 hours a day, makes it a point to be free in the mornings. He spends his time with his wife and children. Most of the times I have seen the family work out together in their home and yet exchanging a world of conversations within them.

This prioritization is very important, you have to know where to begin and then you would find no stop to it.

Make a List

Write down a plan for a week and a month at a stretch for a month. It has to contain what you would like to do with your family, you really would find how much you want to speak to them and want to go to so many places that you might have enjoyed alone.

Stick this list to your refrigerator or mirror or any other place where you would often be around (even your office) and look at it whenever you pass by, this would give you an alarm of what you still want to do.


Spend Time Usefully

There are lot of things you know are time wasters, you would just be sitting around and looking into information that is least related to you or you would sometimes so knowingly waste time on things which may not be important at that point of time.

Thus learn to say NO to time wasters. This applies to all those work from home women and men too who often would have wasted a lot of precious time without any reason and then find that they have not completed the target for the day. This would lead to spend more time on that particular task and you would end up working for a longer time.

All these alienate you from your family. Try not to open your internet without any reason. Only when you want to upload connect the internet, till then complete your work offline.


Discuss with your family about the way you are living and find if they want you to change. Many a times it so happens that you might think what you are doing is right and hence would not need to change the process, however you family members might feel it exactly the different way.

It is always better to speak to one another and come to a conclusion of whether you are taking the right path.

Weekend Planning

Make sure that you have at least two special week-ends for your family. This may include watching a movie together, going shopping (even for your groceries) or doing some activity together.

If you have small children at home make sure you take them out for swimming, cricket or even a small picnic on the riverside. This would bring you really close to your family. I personally have found that family picnics make you feel as if you are spending real quality time with your children. In this article I talk more on how to plan your day with your children, you probably will get a better idea.

Learn Something with Your Child

If you have an adolescent child, you would have a tough time dealing with him/her. At these situations the best thing would be to attend some kind of co-curricular activity such as a game or dance or singing with them. This way you would come to know how much your child is interested in the activity and about their various friends and other circles too.

This is a great exercise with younger children too. All you are expected is to give an hour of your busy time to your child, you are learning something new too which would help in bringing your stress down.

Cooking Together

Family Time Scheduling Tips

How often have you let your child cook something? Have you and your spouse cooked together? If not try this immediately, you would find a lot of difference in your relationship. Kitchen is the space in our home, where we are always beaming with conversations. Make sure this interaction is very positive. while you are in the kitchen, you can probably teach your kids how to eat healthier too

Ofcourse, there maybe some disagreements, but if you are open to suggestions, cooking together is a very good relationship maker.

That Long Walk

Once a while take a long walk after your dinner, this is more a time spending thing that physical exercise. The night walks with a properly filled tummy gives you pleasure that cannot be compared with any other quality time. You will have so many topics to be discussed, that you might want to increase the frequency of these walk.

Remember never to discuss anything that might spark a fight during these night walks.

Time that is managed well would be fruitful in all aspects. I have few friends asking me, how we are such a close knit family. Well, the mantra is simple. The more you spend time with one another the more you are going to get closer.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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