Month: February 2017

Child Sexual Abuse

8 Tell Tale Signs In A Child To Watch Out For Possible Sexual Abuse

After the 3-year-old’s molestation in Bengaluru, It has become important that parents become aware of the tell signs of sexual abuse in children. 8 signs YOU should look for to identify sexual abuse in your child 1. Wounds in Her Privates Blue-black thighs, burning while peeing or visible wounds on any part of her body […] Read more…

Teaching science in schools

4 Methods of Teaching Science in Schools Effectively

Science is a field that relates to the happening in our daily life. Science means to know, sometimes by doing things and sometimes by writing. Science is not only about understanding, it is about developing understanding. The curiosity inside among all is different. We start learning from the school. In India where pre-schooling and high school has […] Read more…

Investment plans

Saving For Your Child – Investment Plans Available In India

A right Investment Plans and the right financial goals is important not only to an individual’s future but also as a parent, paramount for the child’s future. Any parent would want their child to have a good education and in addition to it, have celebrations on the important steps of their life. Hence, it is […] Read more…

Child Molestation

Child Molestation Murder and More – Should Parents Become Indifferent Hereafter

It is not uncommon to see child molestation and rape cases on the Indian Newspaper daily. Yes! I am talking about India, where parenting is seen as a more important issue than anything else. We Indians plan our lives around our children. No travel plans till children grow up to enjoy. Homes are always chosen […] Read more…

Yoga Poses for Hyperthyroidism

Yoga Poses for Hyperthyroidism – The Simple Way To Overcome Thyroid Imbalance

We have already seen the carious yoga poses for hypothyroidism, here are yoga poses for hyperthyroidism – the excess secretion of thyroxine by thyroid hormone. Thyroid Hormone as we know is that small butterfly which controls your overall body functioning. It is thus important to maintain a balance in Thyroid function, which can be done […] Read more…

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