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Benefits of Nurturing Your Child’s Imagination

Importance Of Nurturing A Child’s Imagination

Being a mom of two little kids I have learned how important is to develop their imaginative skills especially at a very young age. My three year old son now able to imagine new things, invent new machines and cars of his imagination.

I always encourage his flourishing creativity by helping him with his task, this way I help him improve his imagination.

Learning Through Play

It is very fascinating to watch your kid draw or learn something for the first time. They should be given freedom to explore themselves, share their ideas through different play activities. Learning through play can help them explore about themselves, people and world around them.

By giving them endless play time you are giving them the space to explore that helps them find solutions to problems through creative thinking.

To kids, playing and learning are two sides of the same coin. The play classes develop your child’s motor skills, physical development, mental development, social skills, etc.

Nowadays kids are spoon fed with swimming classes, coaching classes, dance and music classes that they don?t actually know even to play with a doll. That creates an unimaginative life around them.

Benefits Of Boosting Your Child’s Imagination

Play is a powerful tool that helps in mastering new skill without much stress. You can discover your child’s real self through his imagination and creativity. And boosting a child’s imagination helps them:

Gain social skills

They play with people around them they learn about relationships among people and how to behave with elders. Playing tent or house they learn about parent’s affection for their child. And they develop empathy and caring for others. They also learn to adjust with any situation and develop self confidence.

Develop Language Skills

The kids who do a lot of talking while playing develop good sentence structure and excellent communicative skills.

Gains Intellectual Development

Those who do lot of imagination will learn to think symbolically. This will help in the child’s over all development.

Builds Self Confidence And Become Bold

While playing police and thief, they work out of their fears and develop self confidence. So they also becomes aware of the social injustices.

Develop Motor Skills

Dancing to music, art and craft enhances their motor skills which help them to do any activity easily.

How To Nurture Your Child?

You don’t have to send kids to dance classes or art classes to boost their imagination. All you have to do is simply be a play mate for them. Just play cars or mommy and daddy with them. Smash and bash the cars along with him. You will see his imagination flowing out. It’s time to think out of the box. what is it that you should do,then?

1. Monitor your kids carefully while they play so that you can know their interest and help them develop that.
2.  Add fuel to their learning curiosity,perhaps teach them to make paper puppets?.
3. Give them more opportunities to try out new things art and craft, outdoor play, sports, music, or provide them with materials like scissors, play dough, color papers, color pencil, that might interest them. While on holiday, maybe you can engage them even more, after all, isn’t that what summers are for?
4. Find time to help them come out with their own imagination.

5. Never discourage them when they are up to do something creative.
Arranging Creative Play Activities
Only a child with good imaginative skill can play well as playing needs imagination.So what you can do to boost a child’s imagination?

6.  Read stories for them and ask them to do character play of the story.
7.  While thinking short trips, Take them to picnics, trip to zoo, or beach to give them new experience.
8. Make the kids dance along to music
9. Give them books to read them.
10.Place a box of crayons, scissors, craft paper, gum, paints, on the kids table so that they can use them whenever they want to explore their imagination.
11.  Let your kids Play with water or sand.
12. Give them ample time to crate wonderful things from their imagination. And they can develop a sense of achievement and self confidence from each successful invention.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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