Hibiscus Shampoo -The Wonder Remedy For Hairfall

Hair fall is one problem which not only causes a difference in your total appearance but also brings about general depression from within. If...

Chemicals in Cosmetics Might Cause Trouble for Your Kids

Skin being the largest organ in our body, is also the most exposed of all organs. The toll the pollution takes on our skin...

How to Remove Makeup Naturally

  Use of makeup has become almost a daily affair. Though putting on makeup is exciting, removal of the same at the end of the...
skin lightening dangers


Every woman shares a love-hate relationship with the sun! Can?t live without it! Can?t stand it! Can?t run from it! Can?t hide from it!...

Nose Pins ? A Tradition that Enhances the Beauty of Indian Women

Among the jewels worn by women the one that has been scientifically researched, traditionally considered sacred and aesthetically attractive is the nose pin. Nose...

15 Benefits of Ginger- The Wonder Root

Ginger the herb that is used as spice in our country and world over is considered as a wonder drug in naturopathy and Ayurveda...

Top 5 At Home Hair Removal Techniques You Would Not Want To Miss

image courtesy Hair, though provides a lot of insulation from external environment to your body, it does create embarrassment for many. Techniques for hair removal...

Beet Juice the Super Food You Should Never Miss

Beets the deep red roots most often do not get the importance as most other super foods get; in fact, beet is far more...

4 Things You Must Know Before Buying Jewelry Online

With eCommerce growing in leaps and bounds everything is available online, you just name them and you will have them. However when it comes...
skin lightening dangers

Some Other Masks to Try

To continue what I had left yesterday There are a number of other masks that are truly invigorating, giving great effect in making your face...

Home Made Beauty Regime for Perfect Looking Skin

Cleansing   Image courtesy marin-freedigitalphotoes.net Always make sure you don?t spend much on cleansing and removing your make up. This would help you to keep you clean...

Hot Celebs Do These Weird Beauty Treatments To Look Young

Would You Set Your Skin Ablaze to Look Younger, Smear Blood on your face or something creepier to look young? Well there are people...
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How to make your skin look clean and young

Your skin is the first thing that anyone around you notices of you and having a beautiful skin thus becomes necessary for you to...

Necessary Skin Care Tips For Summer

With winter gone you must have tucked off all the winter wear and would now be ready to face the sun. However, winter must...

Attitudinal Change For Becoming Beautiful

In the coarse of my life I have come across people of all walks of life and this privilege has lead me to come...
At Home Aromatherapy

At Home aromatherapy

Enhancing your mood, totally relaxing you, giving a lift to your mental health, bringing emotional and physical strength- Yes! Of course all these are...
onion hair fall treatment

Effective Yet Natural At-Home Onion Hair Fall Treatment

Well, I have never dreamt about writing something so unusual ? Onion? For Hair Fall! Of course, this was exactly how I too felt when...
hair fall causes and remedy

Hair fall -Causes and Natural Remedy

Hair Loss is slowly becoming a very common problem irrespective of age or place of living. Although there are a number of environmental problems...

Face Lift – Facts You Would Enjoy

Aging is a natural process and wrinkling is part of it. However, this natural wrinking process is slow and sometimes you might be quite...
skin lightening dangers

Dangers of Skin lightening Products

Skin lightening products are used for clear face. It usually, lightens the age spots. That?s the reason for these products? mounting popularity. These contain chemicals...